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Crafted by Rich Carlstedt
The 1/16 Scale Steam Engine
of the
U.S.S. Monitor
This model is a one of a kind scale replica of the Monitor's engine.
Every part has been precisely scaled from badly faded working drawings, personal observations and photos shot at it's final resting place, The Mariners' Museum at Newport News Virginia. No castings were used on this model. All parts were machined from billets of its respective metal.
The Monitor was sunk on December 31, 1862 off Cape Hatteras, N.C. It's engine rested on the bottom until July 2001, when the U.S.Navy recovered it. For now, and several more years, it resides in a huge water filled tank as sea growth and corrosion are slowly removed electrically and chemically.
The U.S.S. Monitor was designed by Swedish engineer John Ericsson. Click here for a collection of very large photos detailing the extraordinary features of this museum quality scale model.
Rich was recently honored for his work in preserving the memory of this most famous Swede , by being recognized as " Honorary Member of The Year" (2009) by the John Ericsson Society. www.johnericsson.org/ Rich also was the recipient of the Joe Martin Foundation's International Award as " Metal Craftsman of the year- 2009" for his work on the Monitor Engine Model. You may visit the Craftsmanship Museum at www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/memuseum2.htm and read about Rich and many other fine modelers
The  U.S.S. Monitor Steam Engine
The Monitor model is 1/16 scale. This means 1/16" on the model = 1" on the real engine.
To visualize scale, the reversing handwheel at the front is 28" on the Monitor and 1.75" (44mm on the model).
A penny (.75"D or 19mm) is used for comparison.
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Matthew Murray's Hypocycloidal Pumping  Engine
The Matthew Murray
Steam Powered
Hypocycloidal Pumping Engine

Made entirely from steel , cast iron and
bronze, this gorgeous scale model
was machined from solid material.
No casting were used!
For details and pictures Click here.
French Beam Engine
This beautiful model was engineered
and constructed by Rich Carlstedt in
his magnificent shop in Green Bay, WI.
For more details and pictures
Click here.

Lottsa pictures. Be patient.
Wide View Front ... French Beam Engine

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