Model of The Coventry Marine Stationary Steam Engine

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Model Steam Engines
Model of The Coventry Marine Steam Engine
Thousands of Two Cylinder Marine engines were built from 1850 to 1925 and were very common in structure. The remnents of details for some of these engines are long gone, but this important part of marine history must be preserved.

H.J. Coventry responded to that need and made plans for a miniature operating compound steam engine. The "compound" identity means only the first (smaller) piston sees full boiler pressure and delivers its exhaust to the second piston piston (Larger) to get full expansion (efficiency!) from the engine. Such arrangements required precise machining and timing to operate.

Scott Ruesch of Two Rivers Wisconsin decided to make the plans a reality and constructed this magnificently built steam engine in full detail.
Crafted by Scott Reush

      1/3 HP 
       1 HP Cylinder 
       2 LP Cylinder
      1 Stroke 
       Stephenson valve gear
      120 psi steam pressure 
       600 rpm
Henry J. Coventry designed this engine in about 1929. He is most noted for the design of several model steam locomotives in various scales during the same time period. This compound steam engine was engineered along standard marine principles, but was not modeled after any particular existing engine.

This model was built by Scott Ruesch of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and was completed in February 2019.