Drawings of the USS Monitorís Steam Engine

In 2017, I started working on re-drawing my original drawings for this engine.  Because there are no drawings generally available, this required a great deal of research on my part.  My original research took many years to determine accurately the sizes of the various components in the engine.  

The 19 or so drawings that do exist may be found on the New Jersey Digital Highway, a website dealing with artifacts located within the state of New Jersey.  I wish these web views were available over 20 years ago as it would have saved me a substantial amount of time.  

My original drawings of 20 years ago were at full size and then reduced in order to build my miniature replica of the engine.  Realizing the importance of the information I had gained, I decided to reproduce these images and dimensions in a current drawing format.  It took three years, but I finished drawing all the parts and components used on this magnificent piece of engineering.  

I produced a book with 309 pages total.  Four hardcopies were made and two of these were donated to the Mariners Museum in Newport News Virginia.  

The museum is currently the residence of the engine which was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean in 2001 and the restoration efforts should be enhanced with the detailed information available in these books.

The books were presented to The Mariners Museum (The repository and restoration leader of all USS Monitor's artifacts)  during a public lecture I gave on the design and construction of the Monitor's Steam Engine.


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I am sure the availability of these important drawings for model builders or historians can be achieved by visiting the library of the Mariners Museum. It is my intention that the drawings will be available to the public and to model builders in the future at little or no cost and such arrangements will be noted at this website location for your information. At this time, accessibility is being determined.

Two samples of these drawings are displayed here and here.
Presenting Howard H. Hoege III, President of the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia with my drawings of the USS Monitor's Engine. October 2019.