The Vibrating Lever 1/2 Trunk Steam Engine
of the
U.S.S. Monitor
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From above, toward stern.
Toward Stern
and above.
From Stern and Propeller
From Stern
and propeller
From port side
Port side
Engine Starboard
Starboard side
Engineers Position
Engineers View
Engineers Gauges
Gauges L to R
Turns log, Steam, Time
Reversing  Hand Wheel and Gears
Reversing Wheel
and Gears
Reversing shaft lead screw arrangement
Reversing Shaft
and Eccentrics
Translater levers and piston rod inside trunk
Translator Levers
Piston Rod within Trunk
Vibrating Lever Shaft
Vibrating Lever Shaft
( Rock Shaft )
Main Connecting Rods and Vibrating Lever
Main Connecting Rods
and Vibrating Lever
Propeller Shaft Crank and Main Rods
Propeller Shaft Crank
and Main Rods
3 way valve for indicator
3 Way Cock
for Indicator
Cutoff Chest With Control Handle
Cutoff Chest
with Control Arm
Starboard Cutoff and Main Steam Chest
Starboard Cutoff
Main Steam Chest
Engine recovery 2002
Engine Recovery 2002
NOAA Photo
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