Model Steam Engines
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This model is a one-of-a-kind scale replica of the Monitors steam engine.  Every part has been precisely scaled by studying the few badly faded working drawings, through extensive research of 20 years and re-creating the engine components in CAD drawings.  These drawings were compiled to ascertain the correct dimensions and then reduced in scale for model construction.  This operating model was built over a period of seven years and involved many thousands of hours (4,000+) of work to create.  No castings were used as all the parts were made from solid materials and this included over 700 fasteners used in the construction.  There are over 1300 individual pieces in the engines construction and excluding the bulkheads which form a table to support the engine amidships.  The Model was finished in 2008.

The building of the miniature replica and the research it took, resulted in my being honored for this work in preserving the memory of this most famous Swede, by being recognized as “Honorary Member of the Year 2009” by the John Ericsson Society.  Also for my work in research and building the Monitor Engine Model, I was named recipient of the Joe Martin Foundations international award as ”Metalworking Craftsman of the Year- 2009”.

You may visit the Craftsmanship Museum and read about this award and the work of many other fine modelers.

Click here for a collection of very large photos detailing the extraordinary features of this museum quality scale model.

Click here for a link to and enjoy a high quality video of this engine running.



The 1/16th Scale Model of the USS Monitor's Steam Engine
The Monitor model is 1/16 scale.  This means 1/16" on the model = 1" on the real engine.  To visualize scale, the reversing handwheel at the front is 28" on the Monitor and 1.75" (44mm) on the model, and the cylinder is the size of an ordinary beverage can.   A penny (.75"D or 19mm) is used for comparison.
Click on the above picture for a MUCH larger version of this picture!
Click here to see a short cross section video image of how the Vibrating Lever-Half Trunk Engine works.
Click here to see a short video of Ericsson’s original 1858 invention - The Vibrating Lever Engine.  However this engine was too wide for Monitor’s hull due to the use of Cross-Heads and resulted in Ericsson creating the unique Half Trunk design - which is seen in the finished model..