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Welcome to the Stationary Steam website. This website is dedicated to the display of unusual steam engines. While the original focus of the site was to strictly display miniature "stationary style" (non-mobile) steam engines, it has progressed to include marine steam engines of an unusual nature as well.

Many of these engines are not known to the general public due to their rare construction and operation and it is my intent to display some of these special and historic steam engines. My main focus for the past few years has been on the steam engine of the USS Monitor Ironclad from the U.S. Civil War, so I will display the miniature replica of that engine which I constructed, as well as discuss some of itís attributes.

People often ask me "Why Stationary Steam Engines?".

Originally I thought of posting information on "Stationary" steam engines which were the basis for our Industrial Revolution that coincidentally started at the time of the birth of my country - the United States Of America. These early steam engines had fascinating variances in mechanics and operations. The free thought and designs of the early inventors make it a joy to review and appreciate their "raw talent" and ingenuity in mechanical creativity.

The use of models to display these concepts is almost mandatory because so few of these 200 year old machines still exist today and their locations around the world prevent personal observations for most people.

The site started with a few of my models and the hopes of including those made by others. This changed when I became totally engaged in making a model of the engine used in the Civil War ironclad Monitor. Now the Monitor's engine is a marine engine and as such does not fit the "Stationary Steam" title, but it was so unique and is unlike any other engine that I had to include it here.

I hope your visit will be of interest as you peruse the various engines on display and my endeavor is to have other rare engines built by other modelers to display here as well, for your enjoyment.

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